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  • How does self-storage work?
    Self-storage works by renting a storage unit of your chosen size. Customers purchase a lock at the Kiosk and access code and can then store and retrieve their belongings at their convenience. ConStar Storage in Holland is open 24 / 7 for your convenience and privacy.
  • What can I store in a self-storage unit?
    ConStar Holland self-storage provides secure, private, and accessible spaces for customers to store items they may not have room for at home or on their business premises. You can store a wide range of items in a self-storage unit, including furniture, clothing, electronics, documents, seasonal items, and more. However, there are restrictions on storing hazardous materials, perishable items, and illegal goods.
  • How much does self-storage cost?
    Our self-storage facility prices start from $65 a month to large storage units that can go up to $270 a month. Go to your desired self-storage location for unit size and pricing. Holland OR Zeeland
  • Are my belongings safe in a self-storage unit?
    Yes, ConStar self-storage facilities prioritize security for the safety of our customers. We employ measures such as surveillance cameras, and gated access to ensure the safety of stored items. The property is surrounded by fencing to ensure security.
  • How do I choose the right storage unit size?
    Make a general list of the items you plan to store and use ConStar Storage's size guides at the locations below. If you are uncertain, our staff is available to assist you in determining the appropriate unit size based on your needs. Please see the size guides below. Size Guides: Holland Storage Facilities OR Zeeland Storage Facilities
  • When can I access my self-storage unit?
    Our self-storage facilities offer you 24/7 access, providing more flexibility and privacy for our customers.
  • How long can I rent a self-storage unit?
    At ConStar Storage we offer month-to-month leases and long-term renting options for your convenience. Choose a rental period that aligns with your storage needs.
  • Can businesses use self storage?
    Businesses often use self-storage for excess inventory, documents, and equipment, or during transitions such as relocations or building renovations.
  • Do I need insurance for my stored items?
    It's advisable to check if your homeowners or renters insurance covers items in storage. If not, consider purchasing a separate storage insurance policy for added protection.
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